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Water Filtration

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Recycle, Reclaim, Rescue your drain water from sinks, showers and washing machine to water your landscape & garden!

- Assessment and Consultation

- Creative Design to fit each space/environment

- Materials & Installation

- Research, Solutions and Resources

- Troubleshooting

For Basic Systems - California Code Exempt, Laundry to Landscape and Shower / Lavatory "Single Fixed Drain" Branch Systems.

For more complex systems, we also offer an array of options to fit your design. We are preferred installers for the Flotender, irriGRAY and Aqua2Use systems.

For new construction, we are working with a system that disinfects greywater to reuse for flushing toilets.

We are Certified Level-2 installers from Greywater Action.

Please call us to set up a field visit +1.323.420.6196

Meet the Team

Allan Lee Haskell
Allan Haskell, Greywater Installer Level 2

Brian Munson
Brian Munson, Greywater Installer Level 2

Examples of our Work

Addario Laundry to Landscape System
Laundry to Landscape System to Raised Bed Garden. Silver Lake Los Angeles

Hollywood Laundry to Landscape System
Laundry to Landscape System
Hollywood Hills Los Angeles.

Gooding Laundry to Landscape System
Laundry to Landscape System
Los Feliz Los Angeles

Mike Laundry to Landscape System
Laundry to Landscape System
Ridge Residence, Vista CA.

Mike Branch Drain System
Branch Drain System
Ridge Residence, Vista CA.

Rain Water Catchment Systems

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Featured Products

We are proud to distribute the products we use in our own home and provide with our services which include:

Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air Cleaner Line

For everyday air quality concerns, Austin Air Purifiers (Made in USA) combine proven filter technology to provide the best overall protection from a wide range of airborne particles, chemicals, gases and odors... Read More.

SNiPER™ - Non-Toxic EPA Certified Disinfectant

SNiPER Cleaning Technology

SNiPER™ is a powerful new tool for eliminating biological contamination without the use of harsh chemicals that create additional health risks. SNiPER™ is powerful, safe, eco-friendly and easy to use and best of all it is not harmful to you, your home, your pets and your environment... Read More.

Toucan Eco Electrolyzed Water

Toucan Eco

The Toucan-eco uses ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) technology to transform tap water and salt into a EPA and CE approved sanitizer and cleaning agent all in one.... Read More.

Water Filtration, Conditioning & Revitalizing Systems


With a lifespan of 10 to 20 times that of carbon, our copper-zinc (KDF) based filtration systems are the most efficient, longest lasting, and lowest maintenance filtration media on the market. It removes the weak link in most water treatment systems: water waste, maintenance and component replacement. We not only clean your drinking water, we also condition and revitalize it for your health as well as the health of the soil when accompanied with our greywater systems... Read More.