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Energy (The Global Energy System)

"Be the energy you want others to absorb."

- A.D. Posey

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Alternative Energy & Solarvoltaic System Design & Installation

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About Energy (The Global Energy System)

The Energy aspect of EnviroMeasures ranges from generating clean electrical power to cultivation of subtle energies for health and wellbeing. The following article is a brief simplified intro into these things.

The solar radiation eminating from "our" sun is the primary source of energy for all of Earth's surface phenomena. Solar radiation brings with it various wavelengths of electromagnetic energy that makes up what is called the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Electromagnetic energy does not need a medium or container to travel, like wires, which means we are bathing in Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) to varying degrees all of the time. The unaided human eye, and incidentally current photovoltaic cell technology, only detects a very small portion of this spectrum called Visible Light. This means that there is a huge portion of EMR that we don't see at all but can be detected on devices tuned to those specific frequencies. Wireless communication devices that transmit and receive signals through the air utilize these unseen portions of the EM spectrum categorized as radio waves and microwaves. Electrical infrastructure and appliances also create invisible bubbles of EMR. The widespread use of wireless devices and electricity in the modern world are contributing to an unseen form of pollution called "electromagnetic smog". This so called smog has been shown to disrupt animal migrations that rely on the geomagnetic Earth grid for navigation. Humans are also affected over time and space depending on exposure.

Living organisms emanate their own subtle electromagnetic fields. When bombarded with radio and microwave signals, the cells tend to go into a form of fight or flight and can develops into what is called "electrosensitivity". That is why one feels much better when out of the city.