Feral Hive Collective

The Feral Hive Collective

Olivia and Austin

“I have found that meaningful relationships are the ones that are fostered on a common relationship one has with themselves and the world.” - Olivia

Austin and I both share the desire to live in harmony with the environment that we live in while empowering and encouraging people to do the same. We make a well rounded team having different skill sets and educational backgrounds. For example, I received my Bachelors in Environmental Studies while taking classes on the side to improve my hand eye coordination for various creations. Austin on the other hand, received his Bachelors in Sculpture while taking additional classes that informed him about the current state of the world. The homes we build are filled with various artistry and personal touches that are well thought out for their function and durability. One will find treasures from antique stores and salvaged materials from condemned buildings. All of the materials used are non toxic and highly energy efficient.

The dimensions of this house: 13 feet tall, 20 feet long, 8 feet wide. Sold to a Permaculture farmer in Virginia.

Salvaged wood from a family barn in Kentucky. Wall made from pallets.

Ladder leading to the nine foot loft.

Spacious loft. Window to the left. Wind turbine on the ceiling.

Stain glass light fixture above entrance.

Cherry and walnut wood sink. Mason jar storage. Full range gas stove and oven.

Wood stove and movable hearth for the summer time.

Copper pipe bathroom.

The current home we are building is 16 feet long, 13 feet high, and 8 feet wide. It will have a loft you can sleep in or put storage in. It will also include a trundle bed. This home will be unique to many other tiny homes that are currently on the market because of the bathroom. We have decided to build the bathroom on a small 8 by 8 trailer. This will give the owners more privacy and flexibility. We want to encourage people to use compost toilets as well. By having the compost toilet outside of the main house we think that it will seem less intimidating to many possible customers. The bathroom will still include its own water heater for a shower and sink.

Beginning stages of the home we are currently building.

Insulation on the inside is sheep's wool.

Insulation on the outside is ROXUL®. Solar power battery box below the window.

All seams are air tight. Water barrier is underneath the ROXUL®.

“We not only focus on building Tiny Homes but rather all creations that help empower people to be self sustaining. We think that community is essential to individuals seeking some independence.”

 - Olivia & Austin

We are open to custom requests... We are able to embellish in a number of ways, from painting a personal mural to carving you a set of wooden spoons.

For More Information Contact Olivia and Austin: feralhivecollective(@)gmail.com