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Audubon Center at Debs Park

Solar Air Conditioning at Audubon Center at Debs Park

Audubon Nature Center goes off-grid in Los Angeles, receives highest LEED certification. Click to Read More...

Earth Day Comes Alive!

Audubon Center at Debs Park

April 23, 2005

9:00am to 4:00pm

4700 North Griffin Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90031

Earth Day Metro Gold-Line EcoSafari & Festival

Monarch Butterfly The Audubon Center at Debs Park has partnered with the Metro Gold-Line, the City of Pasadena and the City of South Pasadena Natural Resources Commission to celebrate "Earth Day, All Day" along the Metro Gold-Line and the Arroyo Seco. Ride the Metro Gold Line from the Audubon Center at Debs Park (Southwest Museum Station) to "Greening the Earth Day" (Memorial Park Station) held at Memorial Park in Pasadena. Ride your bike from Mission Station to the Arroyo Park Picnic Area on Stoney Drive, north of San Pascual Avenue to join the "Water Water Everywhere" event held by the City of South Pasadena. Show your Metro Gold-Line or Bus Ticket at either event and receive a Free Gift!

The Earth Day Metro Gold-Line EcoSafari and Festival is about living in harmony with Mother Nature to create a sustainable green future. You'll hear music and green voices on how to make green choices. You'll discover the beauty of our urban forest along the Arroyo Seco, see the red hawks and other wild creatures living in Debs Park as well as tour the totally solar powered greenest building in the U.S.

Monarch Butterfly The Earth Day Metro Gold-Line EcoSafari & Festival is an experience that can change your future. Come join the Green Revolution along the Metro Gold-Line and celebrate Earth Day, All Day... then Every Day.

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Schedule of Events

Trees are the Answer

North East Trees
Planting for the Future

9:00am to 12:00pm

Organic Snacks provided by:

Wild Oats, Better Food, Pure and Simple

Click Here for More Info

Opening Ceremony
Dance of the Red Hawks with Talking Drums & Green Power Parade

Shumei America Taiko Team
Click Here for More Info

Green Economy Forum 10:30pm - 4:15pm

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Exhibit & Demonstration Sessions - Throughout the Day

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Green Technology Tours - Throughout the Day

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Green Activities - Throughout the Day

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Green Economy Forum Program Agenda

Sponsored by the Green Technology Institute,
Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation

Audubon Center Discovery Room

(Seating Capacity 60)

Green Economy Forum Session 1
10:30am to 11:45am

Green Vision for Southern California

The converging technologies of the Internet, digital devices and electricity from solar energy are creating a "Wireless World" and a "Placeless Society." They are profoundly changing the way we live in this global village. You can be anywhere, anyplace, anytime and conduct international business through E-commerce; attend distance learning classes; telecommute jobs through out-sourcing or in-sourcing; or meet friends and watch the latest Hollywood movie at a cyber-cafe in Nepal.

Just as Marco Polo opened the "Silk Road to China," we are opening the "Solar (Internet) Superhighway" to global villages. Unlike our cities that were built around the automobiles and fossil energy that have created an unsustainable lifestyle, we must build our communities on solar energy and hydrogen in order to create a just and sustainable future.

Will we have the vision and leadership in building a green renewable economy and start deconstructing the gray fossil economy in the 21st century? Will our students be prepared to be part of the green revolution and not be left behind as they were in the Dotcom Revolution? Can we create strategic alliances with Developing countries to help them leapfrog into the solar hydrogen economy?


Les Hamasaki, Forum Coordinator
Director, Green Technology Institute, Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation


Elsa Lopez, Executive Director
Audubon Center at Debs Park


Les Hamasaki, Forum Coordinator
Director, Green Technology Institute, Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation


Elsa Lopez, Executive Director
Audubon Center at Debs Park


  • Green City Los Angeles
    Ed Reyes, Los Angeles City Council
    1st Council District
  • Green Urban Worlds
    Jennifer Wolch, Director
    USC Sustainable Cities Program and Green Visions
  • Hydrogen Future
    Woodrow Clark II, Author
    Agile Energy
  • Urban Forest and L.A. River
    Larry Smith, Executive Director
    North East Trees
  • Brownfields to Greenfields
    Sara Amir, CalEPA
    Baldwin Hills Conservancy

Green Economy Forum Session 2
12:00pm to 1:15pm

Solar Peak Load Demand Solution for California

Nextek PV Direct Coupled Lighting System

The California Energy Action Plan warns that the threat of a summer blackout and rolling browning is highly possible due to our growing population and electricity demand. The rate of increase of electricity is growing by 2 percent or 1,500 megawatts per year. The summer peak demand increases by over 40 percent due to air conditioning and lighting that may trigger blackouts and rolling brownouts during the coming summer. The solar and energy efficiency solutions to meet the summer peak demand will be presented by panelists.


Les Hamasaki, Director
Green Technology Institute, TBL


  • Solar Photovoltaic Electricity
    Wade Webb, EE Manager
    Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc.
  • Solar Absorption Air Conditioning
    Serge Adamian, President
    SunChiller, Inc.
  • Smart Solar Lighting System
    Mark Robinson, V.P. Marketing
    Nextek Power System, Inc.
  • Conversion Waste-to-Energy Technologies: Hydrogen & Ethanol
    Dr. Shapoor Hamid, Senior Scientist
    URS Corporation
  • Energy Efficiency
    Hector Brolo, Energy Auditor
    RHA, Inc.

Technology Session 3
1:30pm - 2:45pm

California Solar Hydrogen Highway: Solution for the 710 Freeway Diesel Truck Pollution Problem?

Governor Schwarzenegger has established a Hydrogen Highway Initiative to move California into the hydrogen economy to clean our air and cure us from our addiction to Middle East oil. The 710 Freeway Corridor is one of the most polluted areas in the Basin caused by large diesel trucks transporting cargoes from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Studies have documented that the emissions from diesel trucks are the cause of asthma and cancer among the children and elderly. What role will the Governor's Hydrogen Initiative play in finding a solution to this complex problem?


Henry Wedaa, President
California Hydrogen Business Council


  • The 710 Diesel Pollution Problem
    D. Malcom Carson, Attorney at Law
    Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
  • Solar-Hydrogen Production
    Gerald Cole, President
    Hydrogen Ventures, LLC
  • Hydrogen Systems
    William Anderson, Chairman
    American Hydrogen Systems, Inc.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Craig Newhouse, Nat'l Sales Director
    Anuvu Fuel Cell Products
  • Future Energy Solutions
    Daniel Rabun, Business Development
    Air Products and Chemical, Inc.
  • Hydrogen Station at CSULA
    James Ettaro, Professor
    California State University, Los Angeles
  • Advanced Fuel Cell Technology
    Eric Mettler, President
    Altergy Systems

Green Economy Forum Session 4
3:00pm - 4:15pm

Preparing for the Million Solar Roofs Initiative: Integrated Building Design

Governor Schwarzenegger has signed the Million Solar Roofs Initiative that establishes a goal of placing 1,000,000 solar energy systems on new and existing residential and commercial customer sites or its generation capacity equivalent of 3,000 megawatts, establishing a self-sufficient solar industry in 10 years, and placing solar energy systems on 50% of new home developments in 13 years. The bill would establish the Million Solar Roofs Initiative Trust Fund and would continuously appropriate moneys deposited into the fund to the Energy Commission for purposes of carrying out the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. The panelists will present their ideas on incorporating solar energy systems in reducing our electricity demand through passive and active solar design.


Les Hamasaki, Director Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation
Green Technology Institute


  • Ecotecture: Design with Nature
    Doug Campbell, ASLA(I)
    Campbell & Campbell
  • Zero Fossil-Energy Bldg. Design
    Thomas Spiegelhalter, R.A., EU, LEED
    USC School of Architecture
  • GreenRoof LA
    Michael Okamoto, AIA, LEED
    MOA, Inc. & Kawada Construction
  • Advanced Loop Heatpipe Technology
    Arkadiy Sheynshteyn
    Russian Academy of Science
  • Green Technology Training
    Peter Parrish, President
    California Solar Engineering, Inc.
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Exhibit & Demonstration Session

Demonstration 1
Location: Parking Lot

Clean Water & Solar Water Pumping Technology

Clean drinking water is a critical problem worldwide. Polluted and poisonous water is believed to cause 25-30 million deaths each year, about 60% of them children under the age of five. Untreated and reused water in many developing countries carries a multitude of germs, causing about 80% of their diseases. Typhus cholera, and dysentery are associated with contaminated water, which causes severe diarrhea, and cause 24,000 childhood deaths each day. In addition to the fatal consequences of polluted water are the many diseases that cause severe losses in productivity, economic instability, and poor quality of life. The Audubon Center uses 65% less water than a comparable building of its size. The wastewater stream is treated on site; there is no sewer line. The demonstration will explain how the wastewater is treated and how solar energy can play a role in pumping the water for irrigation and purifying the water through pasteurization and distillation.

Waste Water Treatment

Cameron Church, P.E.
Environmental Planning & Design

Solar Water DC Pumping

Joseph Kim, President
SunGen DC, Inc.

Microbial Wastewater Treatment

Jim Ballew, President
Green Growth Technolgy

Demonstration 2
Location: Parking Lot

Solar Televillage Tent and WiFi Hot Spot

The converging technologies of solar electricity, Internet, and digital devices will provide the tools for Developing countries to leapfrog into the Information Age and the Digital Solar Century. Cell phones and, DVD players, radios, TVs, cameras and printers charged with solar energy in African, China, and India are fast become part of the everyday tool to do international trade. Just as the Audubon Center at Debs Park could be placed anywhere in the world, the Solar Televillage Tent demonstrates the instant capability of establishing E-Schools for distance learning, E-commerce, or E-clinics in the remotest parts of Africa, Asia and the Americas. These tents can be constructed in four hours with 9.6 kW of electrical power from solar with battery backup. Additional power can be added. This demonstration will provide a working Solar Televillage model.

Solar Tent

Chuck Varney, Marketing
Solar Integrated Technologies

WiFi Connectivity

Ken Wyrick, Consultant

Demonstration 3
Location: Library

Future of Lighting Exhibit: Laser and LED's


The word "LASER" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and for years has symbolized the future and our constant need and desire to improve our surroundings and our methodologies, particularly in the sciences. Today, the laser is not only a supremely important part of scientific, military, medical, and industrial research, but is also a part of your everyday life. Following are a few ways that lasers coincide with your life which you will instantly recognize:

  • A laser is used to transmit, receive, and read data such as the music on your CDs and the sound and video on your DVDs.
  • A laser is used to read the product code and activate pricing when you check out your groceries.
  • A laser is used in many computer printers.
  • Lasers are used to remove tattoos, remove body hair and to alleviate other skin conditions
  • Lasers are now commonly used to perform corrective surgery on your eyes and in many other areas of medicine.
  • Laser levels are commonplace now to create a perfectly level line in construction or to hang your favorite picture evenly.
  • Lasers are used as guidance for equipment that cuts your carpets and paints your cars.
  • Lasers are also extremely important in military guidance systems, medical research on previously inoperable conditions, industrial development of more efficient equipment, the scientific study of light and how to understand and control it, and even for more exciting entertainment. Millions of people have seen lasers used in colorful and exciting manners at music concerts, in planetarium shows, and in theme park shows and exhibits.

The original laser used a synthetic ruby as its lasing medium. Over the years, science has found that many other media can be used more efficiently for different aspects of scientific, medical, and industrial inquiry.

  • Solid-state lasers have lasing material distributed in a solid matrix (such as the ruby or neodymium:yttrium-aluminum garnet "Yag" lasers). The neodymium-Yag laser emits infrared light at 1,064 nanometers (nm). A nanometer is 1x10-9 meters.
  • Gas lasers (helium and helium-neon, HeNe, are the most common gas lasers) have a primary output of visible red light. CO2 lasers emit energy in the far-infrared, and are used for cutting hard materials. Argon, Krypton, White Light (mixed gas) lasers are the most commonly used entertainment lasers.
  • Excimer lasers (the name is derived from the terms excited and dimers ) use reactive gases, such as chlorine and fluorine, mixed with inert gases such as argon, krypton or xenon. When electrically stimulated, a pseudo molecule (dimer) is produced. When lased, the dimer produces light in the ultraviolet range.
  • Dye lasers use complex organic dyes, such as rhodamine 6G, in liquid solution or suspension as lasing media. They are tunable over a broad range of wavelengths.
  • Semiconductor lasers, sometimes called diode lasers, are not solid-state lasers. These electronic devices are generally very small and use low power. They may be built into larger arrays, such as the writing source in some laser printers or CD players.

You can safely bet that lasers will be used to benefit your everyday life even more as research progresses.

Solar Laser Exhibit

Sam McGee, President

Solar LED Art Exhibit

Steve Boyer, Artist

Demonstration 4
Location: Courtyard

A Taste of the Mayan Rainforest: Saving the Rainforest, a Healthy Cup of Coffee at a Time!

What we eat and drink can have a devastating impact on our global environment. Drinking a cup of coffee that is organic, bird-friendly, and/or fair-traded contributes to the saving of the rainforest. Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil; it is the second most consumed beverage in North America after water; and it is the second most destructive force to the rainforest after cattle ranching. The Mayan Rainforest in Central America is one of the most fragile biospheres in the world. The rainforest is home to a rich collection of birds, butterflies and other wild creatures. The use of fuel wood to dry coffee and pesticides to grow Arabica coffee is having a devastating impact on the rainforest. Solar Drying System developed by Mesoamerican Development and SUN Utility Network, Inc. is part of the solution to save the rainforest. Like buying "Dolphin Free Tuna," coffee consumers will determine the future of the rainforest.

Once coffee is roasted, it oxides its aroma in 72 hours and becomes stale and rancid in 7 days, according to Michael Sivetz, coffee guru. The Coffee Demonstration will show you the Next Coffee Wave to hit California: Roast, mill, and brew of rainforest friendly coffee.

Green Bird-Friendly Coffee Roasting

Angel Orozco, Barista
the Coffee Cellar

Mayan Hot Tamales

Sandi Romero
Mama's Hot Tamales

Demonstration 5
Location: Pepper Tree

Urban Organic Farm Technology

The Urban Organic Farm Technology can now be part of a mixed-use community development project in the urban center. NASA has developed the Aeroponic growing technology to provide food for our Moon Colony Mission. The Kawada Group has developed a unique roof planting technology to minimize water. Come and share your ideas on how we can incorporate urban farming technologies in green mixed-use developments with these experts.

11am Aeroponic Agriculture

Chris Wirth, President
Agroworx, Inc.

12pm Vermiculture & Permaculture

Joan Stevens, Educator, Biologist

1pm Roof Farm Technology

Mike Okamoto, AIA
Kawada Group

2pm Survival Skills Workshop

Christopher Nyerges - School of Self-Reliance and

3pm What is Sustainable and What is Not

Tony Pereira, PHD Candidate, UCLA

Compost & New Dimensions of Enlightenment

Tim Dundon, Compost Host with the Most

Demonstration 6
Location: Courtyard

Solar Kitchen and Cooking Technology

The use of fuel wood and charcoal for cooking in Third World countries has had a devastating impact on the environment. It has denuded the rainforest in Haiti and many parts of Asia and Africa. The ultimate modern solar kitchen and cooking applications are demonstrated at the Audubon Center kitchen. Two refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric coffee pots, etc. are powered with solar energy. Hot water is provided by a solar thermal system on the roof over the kitchen. The demonstration will feature the use of a solar oven to bake pizza and hotdogs

Cooking with Solar Box Cookers

Shinji Shumeikai America

Cooking with Parabolic Solar Cooker

Deris, Clear Dome Solar

Demonstration 7
Location: Driveway Entrance

Green Commuter Solar Electric Bicycle Program

The Solar Electric Bicycle Green Commuter Program was started in the City of Palm Springs and at California State University, San Luis Obispo as part of a clean air, congestion management, parking reduction, energy independence, and green commuting strategy. The Green Commuter program was targeted for the low and moderate-income workers who couldn't afford to buy a car to get to work. Bicycle lanes were established to insure safety for the Green Commuters.

With the rising cost of gasoline, the electric bicycle transportation is a viable alternative for short distance commuting. WaveCrest is sponsoring the Green Commuter Electric Bicycle Program for Earth Day. Students and adults will be able to test-drive the electric bicycles that can be charged with solar energy.

Green Commuter Solar Electric Bicycle Program

Kris Sorensen
Western Regional Sales Manager,
WaveCrest Labs

Demonstration 8
Location: Driveway Entrance

Green Commuter Solar Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Program

The Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle and a demonstration to produce hydrogen gas from water will be exhibited.

Green Commuter Solar Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Electic Vehicle Program

Skip Stark
Hydrogen Education Group

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Green Technology Tours

Solar Absorption Air Conditioning


Serge Adamian, President
SunChiller, Inc.

Heating & Cooling with the Sun!

Photovoltaic Tour

Wade Webb, EE Manager
Solar Integrated Technologies, Inc.

Landscape Design Tour

Doug Campbell
Campbell & Campbell

Native Plants Tour

Jeff Chapman, Naturalist
Arroyo Seco Foundation

Energy Efficiency Lighting

Hector Brolo, Energy Auditor
RHA, Inc.

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Green Activities

Solar Digital EcoSafari
Global Village Photo E-Gallery
9am to 4pm

Bring your digital camera and join us in the Solar Digital EcoSafari and submit your best shot for consideration in the Global Village Photo E-Gallery and get a green prize. Everyone qualifies.
Project Leader: Gina Martinez

Also, come to the Solar Digital Camera Center and have your picture taken to be part of the One Earth, One Day in the Life of Mother Nature 2005 - A World Earth Day Tree of Hope Digital Photo Project.

Click for More Info

The Dance of the Red Hawks & Wind Song Kite Festival
10am to 4pm

Red Tail Hawk Up Up and Away!

Come learn about the power of the wind as an energy source through kite flying. Talking Drums of the Shinji Shumeikai Taiko Group will provide the wind song. Enjoy the beauty and elegance of the Red Hawks' wind dance with beautiful giant kites as part of the Earth Day Celebration at the Audubon Center at Debs Park Saturday, April 23, 2005.

Teams from Up Up and Away Kite Club, Wilson High School, the Japanese American Cultural Center and the Pasadena Community College have been invited to fly their kites starting at 9:00 am as part of the opening attraction.

For More information contact Les Hamasaki, 323.350.5750

Solar-Car Derby
10:30 to 1pm Workshop
2pm Race

Project Leader: Roberto Valdivia
Workshop held at the Childrens' Woodland and the race will be at the Derby Raceway.

EcoArtist Studio

Held at the Childrens' Woodland.

Rat Pack Frank

Front Stage: Rat Pack Frank is your outdoor safety magician who teaches your young campers and outdoor enthusiasts about being safe.

One Earth, One Day
In the Life of Mother Nature 2005

A World Earth Day Tree of Hope
Digital Photo Project

Purpose: to document portraits of people and creatures on Earth Day, initiating an archive to become a visual record of a world wide green movement.

The World Earth Day Tree of Hope Digital Photo Project will create a Green Movement using the converging technologies of the Internet, Digital Devices and Solar Energy. A Virtual Tree will capture the images of faces of people and animals on Earth Day to demonstrate they share our global villages in Los Angeles, India, China, etc. The Photo Project will document the initial Green Solar Internet Digital Revolution and the creation of a sustainable future in the global village. It will capture: 1) our “green heroes” reforesting the land or having fun flying kites, 2) Mother Nature's many moods from sunny to cloudy on Earth Day, 2005, 3) a photo record leading to an understanding of all living things inhabiting Mother Earth's dominion.

The Audubon Center at Debs Park is the heart of this green inspiration. A solar showcase and laboratory for the community to learn how we can live symbiotically with Mother Nature, the Center is totally powered by solar energy for electricity and direct solar cooling and heating. The Center's wastewater is treated on site and reused. The building is constructed of recycled building materials; its furniture and fixtures also recycled materials.

The Audubon Center is a fine example, teaching us to emulate our ecosystem. Mother Nature constantly redesigns, recycles and reengineers her ecosystem to create a balance. One creature's waste is another creature's food. The only external input required is solar energy. The Center epitomizes this natural process.

“The medium is the message,” wrote Marshall McLuhan. “It takes a village,” stated Senator Hillary Clinton. This photo project will make clear that together we can spark a global green revolution where solar energy, the Internet, and digital electronic devices will transform our world into a green economy. The photo project will enable villages in developing countries to imagine leapfrogging into the Solar Internet Digital Revolution and bypassing the gray economy of the Industrial Internal Combustion Engine Revolution built during the last century on fossil energy.

We live in a wireless world with access to personal electricity by solar panels to charge our cell phones, digital cameras, laptop computers as well as provide lights and power our radios and televisions in the remotest places in African or Asia. Distance learning, telemedicine, telecommuting and e-commerce are changing our global society. Poor women living in villages in India and Africa are becoming photographers or communication service providers with their digital cameras, printers and cell phones for rent, all charged by solar energy. No longer will the large utility and power companies control the lives of two billion poor people. The abundant and free solar power is available to everyone and the Internet and digital devices will liberate the poor and empower them to become entrepreneurs in the solar century.

By enlisting photographers around the world to create the World Earth Day Tree of Hope by capturing “One Earth, One Day in the Life of Mother Nature 2005” on Saturday, April 23, 2005, The World Earth Day Tree of Hope Photo E-Gallery will begin a historical record of our quest for creating a solar economy. It will show future generations that we cared about creating a sustainable future for them.

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Kyocera Solar Panels

Discover Nature at the Audubon

Green Booths

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Audubon Center Earth Day Green Committee

Audubon Center at Debs Park

Tom Bradley Legacy Foundation/Green Technology Institute

North East Trees

East Los

USC IGM Art Gallery

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Planting the Future with North East Trees

Come spend Earth Day morning, from 9:00am to 12:00pm, "planting for the future" with North East Trees as they move into their next phase of the Arroyo Seco Reforestation project. This will be an opportunity to learn about and plant some drought tolerant California natives. You will also learn invasive plant identification as well as hands on techniques for proper removal and abatement. All ages are welcome. Look for an appearance by Eco-Man and GreenPower Girl. Bring sunscreen and a hat, a container for water, and a desire to have fun, learn and make a difference on Earth Day. After the event you can join the Earth Day festivities at the Audubon Center in Debs Park.

Where: North Gate of Debs Park (just north of the Audubon Center's main entrance on Griffin Ave.)

When: Saturday April 23rd, from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Click to Volunteer

[VolunteerMatch - Get out. Do good.]

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Earth Day Event Volunteer

If you have expertise in event planning and people management and are looking to get involved with the planning of this event, Please click the VolunteerMatch link for more info:

[VolunteerMatch - Get out. Do good.]

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Green Partners

Go Metro

Plan your trip to Earth Day at

City of Los Angeles Recreation & Parks

Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks

BioBag Dog         BioBag USA         Food Waste

Changing the World without Changing the Earth

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Compostable Bags & Film
  • Meets ASTM D6400 & California SB 1749

Patagonia, committed to the core

Patagonia is committed to grassroots
environmental activism.

We add our voice to those of small-scale citizens' groups who have been working to reverse the historical tide, river by river, ecosystem by ecosystem. We give them our money. Since 1985, we've donated 10% of our annual profits (or 1% of sales, whichever is greater) to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups - over $19 million in cash and another several million in gear. Because we know that all our business activity - from lighting our stores to dyeing our clothes - creates pollution as its by-product, we work steadily to reduce those harms; to choose less harmful catalog stock or energy sources, to use recycled polyester where we can and to use only organic rather than pesticide-intensive conventional cotton.

phone: 626-795-0319

Sustainable Group

Office Supplies that make a Statement and make Sense...

Green Disk

With GreenDisk you save more than money

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Outdoor Gear and Clothing for Hiking, Camping and More

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Getting There

Give Mother Nature a Break Today!
Go by Rail, by Bus, by bike, or by foot
to the Earth Day Festival

Map to Debs Park
Map to Debs Park
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Bike to Earth Day
Bicycle to the Festival
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Take the Metro Gold-Line to Earth Day
Take the Metro Gold-Line to the Festival
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Bike to Earth Day!

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